Education Committee

Purpose: Identify and disseminate the best educational practices for family nursing worldwide.

Co-chairs: Lorraine Holtslander, Canada  and Kristin Lutz, USA

Board Liaison: Regina Bousso-Szylit (Brazil) –


Webinars and Online Offerings: Chair:  Cynthia Steinwedel, USA

Communications and Organization: Co-chairs: Norma Krumwiede, USA and Sharon Denham, USA

Teaching Resources: Co-chairs: Jane Karpa, Canada and Francine De Montigny, Canada

Committee Members

Kathryn Anderson, USA (also co-chair of Practice Committee, so she is acting as a resource for interfacing with that committee)
Patricia Braun, USA
Mariana Lucas da Rocha Cunha, Brazil
Francine De Montigny, Canada
Sharon Denham, USA
Sandra Eggenberger, USA
Jane Karpa, Canada
Nancyruth Leibold, USA
Donna Freeborn, USA
Norma Krumwiede, USA
Lynn Kuechle (main liaison with the Glen Taylor Nursing Institute for Family & Society, Minnesota State University, Mankato), USA
Barbara Mandleco, USA
Romy Mahrer-Imhof, Switzerland
Margherite Matteis, USA
Wilma Schroeder, Canada
Laura Schwarz, USA
Cynthia Steinwedel, USA
Marcia VanRiper, USA
Silvana Vozila, Croatia
Sandra Bant Wright
Linda Young, USA

Committee-Authored Documents

Guidelines for Creating a video for IFNA YouTube Channel


Meeting Summaries

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April, 2015 February, 2014 August, 2013
March, 2015 January, 2014 June 21, 2013
November, 2014 December, 2013
June, 2014 November, 2013
May, 2014