Research Committee

Purpose: Advance the conduct, dissemination, and use of family nursing research worldwide.

Chair: Helene Moriarty,  USA –
Co-chair: Sonja Meiers, USA –
Board Liaison: Birte Ostergaard, Denmark –


International Research Collaboration



IFNA Research Committee/International Research Collaboration Subcommittee

 Committee-Authored Documents

IFNA Research Survey 2013. Findings-Part A

IFNA Research Survey 2013. Findings-Part B

Guidelines for Creating a video for IFNA YouTube channel

Strengthening Support for Families Worldwide: Survey results presented at IFNC12 by IFNA Research Committee/ International Research Collaboration Subcommittee.

 IFNA Research Committee Meeting at IFNC12 in Denmark, August 2015

Co-chairs: Helene Moriarty and June Horowitz

On August 19, 2015, in an open meeting of the IFNA Research Committee held during the 12th International Family Nursing Conference in Odense, Demark, 38 attendees engaged in lively discussion to shape the committee’s initiatives for the coming year.

To disseminate international family nursing research news through the IFNA monthly newsletter, the Research Committee needs greater global representation in our research news. Strategies to ensure this representation include soliciting news from family nursing organizations worldwide, survey data, Country Liaisons, and Subcommittee members. Dr. Sonja Meiers reported on work of the International Research Collaboration Subcommittee to foster global research collaborations. Future plans include exploring international perspectives on varied areas: genograms and ecomaps; families as resources and family resilience; and caregiver burden. In the coming year, the Research Committee will prioritize expansion of the Research Resources section on the IFNA website. Participants generated the following suggestions for resources to feature:

  • Descriptions of tools for family research, including the language(s) in which they have been translated and used and related psychometric data. Dr. Marcia VanRiper agreed to convene this group.
  • Highlighted publications with findings concerning family health
  • Highlighted policies supporting family health
  • Bibliographies and other links to members’ work
  • International funding sources for family research

We continue to invite IFNA members to become active participants by contributing to these efforts. Please step up and use your talent to help!

IFNA Research Committee Updates 2014

October 2014: The Research Committee has created three workgroups to maximize its impact. In July and August 2014, the committee co-chairs sent a questionnaire via Survey Monkey to 66 IFNA members who had expressed interest in taking part in the Research Committee. The survey asked these members to formally join the Research Committee and to select a specific work group among three: 1) preparation of Research News for the monthly IFNA newsletter; 2) development of international research collaborations; or 3) expansion of the Research Resources section of the IFNA website. Forty persons out of 66 responded. Dr. Sonja Meiers from our core Research Committee group will lead the group focusing on promotion of international research collaboration, and she will initiate collaboration with our Country Liaisons around this focus. The co-chairs will now identify potential leaders for the other two groups, provide a structure for the activities of these two groups, and work closely with these groups.

November 2014: Fourteen family nurse researchers from eight countries across five continents met by conference call on November 6 for the initial meeting of the IFNA International Family Research Collaboration group sponsored by the Research Committee.  Potential areas for future work include:  measure development and testing (including an international family functioning measure), family management and health outcomes, telehealth, multiculturalism and its influence on family health and family nursing, and family resilience in the face of severe illness or injury.  This group will have regular conference calls and will also meet in Odense, Denmark at the IFNA Conference.  Dr. Sonja J. Meiers is leading this group.  

IFNA Research Committee Meeting at IFNC11 in Minneapolis, June 2013

Research Committee meeting update from IFNC11 Conference in Minneapolis
Ann Garwick, Chair & Janet Deatrick, Co-Chair
June, 2013

Thanked members for reviewing abstracts and encouraged attendees to promote 2015 IFNC conference in Brazil; submit abstracts and volunteer to review abstracts

Reviewed Research Resources on the IFNA website and encouraged members to update their profiles and add resources (e.g., links to their Research project websites, family instruments and reviews).

Discussed and established priorities for Research Committee based on members’ interests

1) Enhance the research resources available on the IFNA website, e.g., related to family measures and availability of measures in other languages.

Proposed Plan: Develop Resource Lists of Family Measures on the IFNA Website

a) Generate list of measures developed by IFNA members (e.g., the Feetham Family Functioning Survey (FFFS))

b) Link to critiques and summaries of family measures by IFNA Members

c) Compile a list of family measures available in different languages with reference links to these measures and reviews of these measures

Long-term goal: Develop an Integrated Data base of Family Measures for IFNA members

2) Goal for next IFNC Conference: Sponsor a Preconference related to Family Measurement Across Cultures in 2015. Potential topic: Use of Qualitative and Quantitative Family Measures Across Cultures

3) Consider developing incubator projects where family instruments can be used across studies in different cultures.