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NEW IFNA Position Statements on Family Nursing Practice and Family Nursing Education

International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) (2013).  IFNA Position Statement on Pre-Licensure Family Nursing Education.  Retrieved from:

International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) (2015). IFNA Position Statement on Generalist Competencies for Family Nursing Practice.  Retrieved from:

Textbooks/Monographs re: Family Nursing Practice

This list is developed and maintained by Dr. Janice M. Bell (website) and includes all known family nursing textbooks/monographs published in all languages. Updated January 2015.

Bell, J. M., Watson, W. L., & Wright, L. M. (Eds.). (1990). The cutting edge of family nursing. Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Family Nursing Unit Publications. (Selected papers from the First International Family Nursing Conference) (Free download of this book is available here)

Berkey, K. M., & Hanson, S. M. H. (1991). Pocket guide to family assessment and intervention. St. Louis, MO: Mosby.

Benzein, E., Hagberg, M., & Saveman, B.-I. (2012). Att möta familjer inom vård och omsorg [Meeting with families in health and community care]. Stockholm, Sweden: Studentlitteratur. [in Swedish]

Bomar, P. J. (2004). Nurses and family health promotion: Concepts, assessment and interventions. Philadelphia, PA: Saunders. (1st edition, 1989; 2nd edition, 1996)

Broome, M., Knafl, K., Feetham, S., & Pridham, K. (1998). Children and families in health and illness. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE.

Burchard O’Sullivan, D. (2013). Family health assessment in community nursing practice. AV Akademikerverlag, Saarbruecken,Germany: Scholar’s Press. (full report of doctoral dissertation)

Danielson, C. B., Hamel-Bissell, B., & Winstead-Fry, P. (1993). Families, health, and illness: Perspectives on coping and intervention. St.Louis, MO: Mosby.

Denham, S. A. (2003). Family health: A framework for nursing. Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis. (A free copy of the book is available from:

Denham, S. A., Eggenberger, S., Krumwiede, N., & Young P. (Eds.). (2016). Family-focused nursing care. Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis.

Doane, G. H., & Varcoe, C. (2005). Family nursing as relational inquiry: Developing health-promoting practice. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Doane, G. H., & Varcoe, C. (2014). How to nurse: Relational inquiry with individuals and families in changing health and health care contexts.  Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Duhamel, F. (Ed.). (2015). La santé et la famille: Une approche systémique en soins infirmiers (3rd ed.) [Health and family: A systemic approach in nursing care]. Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Chenelière Éducation. [in French] (1st edition 1995, 2nd edition 2007)

Feetham, S. L., Meister, S. B., Bell, J. M., & Gilliss, C. L. (Eds.). (1993). The nursing of families: Theory/research/education/practice. Newbury Park, CA: SAGE. (Selected papers from the 2nd International Family Nursing Conference)

Friedemann, M. L. (1995). The framework of systemic organization: A conceptual approach to families and nursing. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE. Click here to view Dr. Friedemann’s publications on her website.

Friedman, M. M. (1981). Family nursing: Theory and assessment. New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts. (2ndedition, 1986; 3rd edition, 1992; 4th edition, 1998)

Friedman, M. M., Bowden, V. R., & Jones, E. G. (2003). Family nursing: Research, theory and practice (5th ed.). Upper Saddle Ridge, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Gilliss, C. L., Highley, B. L., Roberts, B. M., & Martinson, I. M. (Eds.). (1989). Toward a science of family nursing. Menlo Park, CA: Addison-Wesley.

Gottlieb, L. (2012). Strengths-based nursing care: Health and healing for person and family. New York, NY: Springer. (Winner of  2013 AJN Book of the Year Award)

Gottlieb, L. N., & Feeley, N. (2005).  The collaborative partnership approach to care: A delicate balance. Toronto, Ontario, Canada:  Elsevier/Mosby.

Hanson, S. M. H. (Ed.). (2001). Family health care nursing: Theory, research and practice (2nd ed.).Philadelphia: F. A. Davis.

Hanson, S. M. H., & Boyd, S. T. (Eds.). (1996). Family health care nursing: Theory, research and practice. Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis.

Hanson, S. M. H., Kaakinen, J., & Gedaly-Duff, V. (Eds.). (2005). Family health care nursing: Theory, practice, and research (3rd ed.). Philadelphia: F. A. Davis.

International Council of Nurses. (2002). Nurses always there for you: Caring for families (Information and action tool kit). Geneva, Switzerland: Author.

Kaakinen, J. R., Coehlo, D. P., Steele, R.Tabacco, A., & Hanson, S. M. H. (Eds.). (2014). Family health nursing: Theory, practice, and research (5th ed).  Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis.

Kaakinen, J.R., Gedaly-Duff, V., Coehlo, D.P., & Hanson, S.M.H. (Eds.). (2010).  Family health care nursing: Theory, practice and research (4th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis.

Kean, S. (2002). Family Nursing Network. First German family nursing textbook. Journal of Family Nursing, 8(4), 431-432. doi:10.1177/107484002237516

Kobayashi, N. (2009). Family Assessment Workbook Part I: How to use genogram & ecomap with Calgary Family Nursing Models. Tokyo, Japan: Ishiyaku Publishers, Inc. [in Japanese]

Kobayashi, N.(2011). Group learning on family nursing: Introduction to CFAM/CFIM (2nd ed). Tokyo, Japan: Ishiyaku Publishers, Inc. [in Japanese]

Kobayashi, N. (2011). Family Assessment Workbook Part II: Guide to an expert in facilitating case conference and study by FASC methods. Tokyo, Japan: Ishiyaku Publishers, Inc. [in Japanese]

Kobayashi, N. (2012). Family Systems Practice in home visit nursing. Japan: Houmon Kango to Kaigo. [in Japanese]

Leahey, M., & Wright, L. M. (Eds.). (1987). Families & life-threatening illness. Philadelphia, PA: Springhouse. (out of print)

Leahey, M., & Wright, L. M. (Eds.). (1987). Families & psychosocial problems. Philadelphia, PA: Springhouse. (out of print)

McFarlane, J. M. (1986). The clinical handbook of family nursing. New York, NY: John Wiley.

Miller, J. R., & Janosik, E. H. (1980). Family-focused care. New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

Moriyama, M. (2001). Family nursing practice: Theory and clinical application. Tokyo, Japan: Igaku shoin Publishers, Inc. [in Japanese]

Nojima, S., & Nakana, A. (2009).  Family empowerment and nursing practice. Tokyo, Japan: Health Press. [in Japanese]

Potts, N. L., & Mandleco, B. (2012).  Pediatric nursing: Caring for children and their families (3rd ed.). Clifton Park, NY: Delmar, Cengage Learning. (1st edition, 2002; 2nd edition, 2007).

 Østergaard, B., & Konradsen, H. (Eds.) (2016). Familiesygepleje [Family nursing]. Copenhagen, Denmark: Munksgaard. [in Danish]

Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (2006).Supporting and strengthening families through expected and unexpected life events (rev. suppl.). Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Author.

Ross, B., & Cobb, K. L. (1990). Family nursing: A nursing process approach. Redwood City, CA: Addison-Wesley Nursing.

Schober, M., & Affara, F. A. (2001). The family nurse: Frameworks for practice. Geneva, Switzerland: International Council of Nurses.

Svavarsdottir, E.K., & Jonsdottir, H. (Eds.). (2011). Family nursing in action. Reykjavik, Iceland: University of Iceland Press.

Vaughan-Cole, B., Johnson, M. A., Malone, J. A., & Walker, B. L. (1998). Family nursing practice. Philadelphia, PA: Saunders.

Votroubek, W., & Tabacco, A. (Eds.). (2010).  Pediatric home care for nurses:  A family-centered approach (3rd ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett. (2nd edition, 1997)

Wacharasin, C. (2007). Theoretical foundation for advanced family nursing. Chon Buri, Thailand: Chonburi Printing. [in Thai]

Wegner, G. D., & Alexander, R. J. (Eds.). (1999). Readings in family nursing (2nd ed.). Philadelphia, PA: J. B. Lippincott. (1st edition, 1993)

Whall, A. L., & Fawcett, J. (Eds.). (1991). Family theory development in nursing: State of the science and art. Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis.

Wright, L.M.  (2005).  Spirituality, suffering, and illness:  Ideas for healing. Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis. [Translated into Portuguese] Click here for Spirituality, Suffering, and Illness website.

Wright, L. M., & Bell, J. M. (2009).  Beliefs and illness:  A model for healing. Calgary, Alberta, Canada: 4th Floor Press. (Kindle version available) (A free download of Chapter 1 and the Table of Contents is available) [Translated into Japanese] Click here for Illness Beliefs Model website.

Wright, L. M., & Leahey, M. (2013). Nurses and families: A guide to family assessment and intervention (6th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis. (1st edition, 1984; 2nd edition, 1994; 3rd edition, 2000; 4th edition, 2005; 5th edition, 2009; 6th edition, 2013)  DVD’s available from Family Nursing Resources [Translated into Japanese, French, German, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, and Icelandic]

German Translation of Nurses and FamiliesWright, L. M., & Leahey, M. (2014). Familienzentrierte Pflege. Lehrbuch für Familien-Assessment und Interventionen. 2. vollständig überarbeitete und ergänzte Auflage. Hg. von Barbara Preusse-Bleuler. Bern, Switzerland: Huber.

Wright, L. M., & Leahey, M. (Eds.). (1987). Families & chronic illness. Philadelphia, PA: Springhouse. (out of print)

Wright, L. M., Watson, W. L., & Bell, J. M. (1996). Beliefs: The heart of healing in families and illness. New York, NY: Basic Books. [Translated into Japanese and Swedish]

Whyte, D. A. (Ed.). (1997). Explorations in family nursing. London, United Kingdom: Routledge.

Articles re: Family Nursing Practice [in English]

Click here for a Bibliography: Scholarship of Practice with Families which identifies the known publications of faculty and graduate students associated with the Family Nursing Unit, University of Calgary (1982-2007). The legacy of this family-focused scholarship in Family Systems Nursing continues to grow. (Bibliography developed and maintained by Dr. Janice M. Bell)

Click here for a Bibliography: Family Systems Nursing which identifies known publications that use the conceptual framework of Family Systems Nursing in practice, education, and/or research. (Bibliography developed and maintained by Dr. Janice M. Bell)

Click here for a Bibliography: Knowledge Translation in Family Nursing which identified the known publications that describe transfer or translation of family nursing theory to practice settings. (Bibliography developed and maintained by Dr. Janice M. Bell)

Click here for a List of Publications by Dr. Marie-Luise Friedemann posted on her website.