Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are a way to interact with family nursing colleagues from around the world, on topics of mutual interest. The IFNA Communications Committee  encourages IFNA members to participate in Twitter chats, to increase engagement among members as well as connecting with nurses who are not yet members of IFNA.

To develop our community of family nurses using Twitter, we will invite you to join various Twitter chats hosted by a variety of nursing organizations. Over time, we hope to host our own #IFNAchats! In the meantime, links to relevant chats will be posted here.

Upcoming Chats

  • The Political Nurse #JRNchat on June 7 at 8 pm GMT
    • 8pm UTC time (also called GMT) is 9 PM in Europe (UTC +1 hour), 8 PM in London (UTC), 4 PM Eastern Daylight Savings Time in Canada & USA (UTC -4 hours) , and 7 AM the next day in Sydney (UTC +11 hours)*Use this interactive time zone map to determine the time in your region

How to Participate:

New to Twitter chats and not sure how to participate? Watch this short video: How to Participate in an #IFNAchat

  1. You will need a Twitter account – go to and sign up ahead of time
  2. See the chat schedule & time zone maps and mark your calendar!
  3. At the time of the chat, sign into Twitter and search for the chat hashtag (e.g. #IFNAchat, #ebnjc). This will show you all the chat tweets and nothing else that might distract you during the conversation
  4. Start all your tweets during the chat with A1, A2 etc. to identify which question you are responding to
  5. End all your tweets with the chat hashtag so they show up in the chat stream
  6. Enjoy!

Interactive time zone map:

Regular Chats on a Variety of Health Topics

These sites list regularly occurring healthcare chats:

What Are Twitter Chats?

Twitter chats enable nurses around the globe to engage in real-time discussions around preselected topics. Often scheduled for an hour, many organizations use Twitter chats to engage members or the general public, or to disseminate information.

Twitter chats use specific hashtags so that the discussion can be easily followed by participants. On Twitter, these hashtags become clickable links that allow you to see all tweets containing this tag. For IFNA Twitter chats, we’re using #IFNAChat.

Other nursing chats you can follow include #NurChat, and a wide range of chats at WeCommunities. To join one of these, follow the directions below. Be sure to use the hashtag of the chat you wish to follow (e.g. #NurChat, #WeMHNurses, etc).

Archived #IFNAchats: