Renata de Moura Bubadué Conducts Research with Families of Children with Special Care Needs

renata-de-moura-bubadue-1Renata de Moura Bubadué, RN, MSN, is a doctoral student in Nursing at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil under the supervision of Dr. Ivone Evangelista Cabral. Her work is focused on how to address to sensitive topics with families of children with special health care needs. She uses qualitative methods to understand how phenomena appear in the lives of children and their families and the role of nurses as moral agents and child advocates in health settings. Currently, she is developing a mobile application (app) that nurses can use to prepare families of HIV positive children during the process disclosure.  She is also participating as a research trainee in Views of Interdisciplinary Childhood Ethics (VOICE) at McGill University in Canada. For more information contact IFNA member, Renata de Moura Bubadué.