2013 Conference

The 11th International Family Nursing Conference – Final Reflections and Looking Ahead

International Family Nursing Conference brochure coverThe 11th International Family Nursing Conference was held June 19 – 22, 2013 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The conference welcomed 433 attendees from 27 Countries (see further below for the break-down of attendees by country).

After two years of planning and anticipation, the 11th IFNC is now part of the remarkable 25 year history of this unique international gathering of family nurses. From the opening flag ceremony to the closing Mexica Aztec Dance and Drum Group, the conference provided a forum where we could once again gather to exchange ideas, renew ties, forge new connections, and be inspired and challenged by speakers . Minneapolis proved a wonderful host city for the 433 conference participants from 30 countries, and dinner cruise along the “Mighty Mississippi” was a most memorable celebration of our 25th anniversary. I would like to extend a final word of thanks to our Official Conference Sponsor, The Glen Taylor Institute for Family and Society as well as our other supporting sponsors, the Conference Planning Committee (Kit Chesla, Janet Deatrick, Sandra Eggenberger, Ann Garwick, Catherine Gilliss, Wendy Looman), Kassalen Meetings and Events (especially Debbie Zaparoni), and our Country Liaisons. These individuals and groups all made pivotal contributions to the success of the conference. In the end, however, these conferences happen because of our collective commitment to family nursing and each conference attendee’s willingness to commit their time, talents, and resources to participate in an International Family Nursing Conference. Sincere thanks to all of you.

Janet Deatrick and I, as co-chairs of the 12th International Family Nursing conference, are looking forward to working with the Host City Committee and Kassalen Meetings and Events to plan another successful IFNA-sponsored conference. We anticipate announcing the conference date and venue in the next few months and look forward to seeing everyone in 2015.

Kathy Knafl, Conference Chair

Final Conference Program

Conference Highlights

Pre-conference workshops

Sponsors and Exhibitors

Committee Meeting Summaries

Countries (27)
Australia 1
Austria 2
Brazil 29
Canada 28
China 1
Croatia 1
Denmark 7
Egypt 1
Finland 5
Germany 1
Iceland 11
India 1
Ireland 3
Italy 2
Japan 63
New Zealand 5
Norway 1
Portugal 6
Republic of China (Taiwan) 10
Rwanda 1
Saudia Arabia 1
Spain 1
Sweden 9
Switzerland 9
Thailand 22
United Kingdom 7
USA 205