Nurses transforming health for families worldwide.


The mission of the International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) is to transform family health by:

  1. Serving as a unifying force and voice for family nursing globally;
  2. Sharing knowledge, practices, and skills to enhance and nurture family nursing practice; and,
  3. Providing family nursing leadership through education, research, scholarship, socialization and collegial exchange on all aspects of family nursing.

IFNA Limited Membership Drive: June 1 – October 30, 2017

The IFNA Membership Committee is delighted to announce the launch of a new membership recruitment effort, The Limited Membership Drive. IFNA members will be rewarded for recruiting new members. This campaign is designed to increase new IFNA members and grow our international family nursing community.  [Read more]

IFNA Response to the Recent Executive Order in the United States Regarding Immigration and Refugees

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The world is experiencing a significant time of political instability and divisiveness. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the United States with the recent executive order barring people from designated countries entry into the United States. The executive order created chaos and suffering for families, which concerns the International Family Nursing Association.

The International Family Nursing Association is a community of family nurse clinicians, teachers, and scholars who value the uniqueness of each and every family. Our mission is to transform family health globally by serving as a unifying force and voice for family nursing; sharing knowledge, practices, and skills to nurture family nursing practice; and, providing leadership in relation to all aspects of family nursing. Honoring diversity is a cornerstone of family nursing.

We support nurses worldwide who care for, teach about, and learn from families, particularly those families experiencing the trauma and uncertainties of displacement and separation. The following resources may be useful to you as you undertake this critically important work.

IFNA Response to the Global Refugee Crisis: Caring for Refugee Families:   This initiative was requested by IFNA President Carole Robinson and is meant to serve as a toolkit of resources for family nurses around the world who are caring for refugee families: “Family nurses have always been in a unique position to assist families who are experiencing physical, psychological, relational, and/or spiritual distress of forced migration and displacement due to armed conflict, violence, persecution, poverty, and disaster.”

National Council on Family Relations

 Proposed Bylaws Changes (2017)

Based on comments / feedback provided by the IFNA Membership, here are the proposed Association Bylaw changes that will be presented to the IFNA membership at the IFNA Business Meeting Saturday, June 17th. IFNA Members will vote on the final proposed changes in July, 2017.

Honor a Family Nurse Program

The Honor a Family Nurse Program is a fundraising initiative of IFNA’s Resource Advancement Committee. Through the Honor a Family Nurse program, IFNA members, schools of nursing, the general public, and health-related organizations have an opportunity to support IFNA through recognizing the accomplishments of others – both IFNA members and non-members. [Read more]

 Strategic Plan 2016 – 2019

The IFNA Board of Directors is pleased to share the IFNA Strategic Plan 2016 – 2019. The board took an innovative approach to the development of the strategic plan based on the work each IFNA committee did in creating their Terms of Reference. In other words, it was developed from the ‘ground up.’ We reviewed each committee’s terms of reference and, based on their vision and creativity, drew our organizational goals for moving forward. You can find the Terms of Reference for each committee on the respective committee page on the IFNA website.

Click here to see the IFNA Strategic Plan.

 IFNA Position Statements

NEW International Family Nursing Association (IFNA)  Position Statement on Advanced Practice Competencies for Family Nursing developed by the IFNA Family Nursing Practice Committee.




International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) Position Statement on Generalist Competencies for Family Nursing Practice developed by the IFNA Family Nursing Practice Committee.




International Family Nursing Association (IFNA)  Position Statement on Pre-Licensure Family Nursing Education developed by the IFNA Family Nursing Education Committee.
Share the new IFNA infographic about the IFNA Position Statement on Pre-Licensure Family Nursing Education with your colleagues and in your social media channels.


IFNA Responds to the Global Refugee Crisis: Caring for Refugee Families

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The IFNA Board of Directors met on September 10, 2015 and one of our topics of discussion was the terrible trauma and suffering being lived out by so many families in our global community who are displaced and separated by war, violence, and poverty. As a committed community of family nursing scholars and clinicians, how can we respond in a meaningful way?

The IFNA Practice Committee has now developed a respository of useful resources: Caring for Refugee Families.

IFNA Reach Statistics 2016

The IFNA Reach Statistics 2016 document the growing influence of @IFNAorg and #familyhealth #familynursing #familyhealing compared to 2015. [Read more]

Message from Dr. Carole Robinson, Canada, IFNA President

Carole_Robinson_web…As I take up the position of President of our organization, I ask myself “What characterizes our clan?” and “Where are we headed?” In other words, “How do we grow our strengths to best accomplish our Vision and Mission?”

Here are the words that come to my mind when I think about our strengths:

• Commitment to transforming family health

• Belief in the importance of what we do – a Vision & Mission that matters

• Passion for being together

• Diversity and an appreciation for difference

• A growing history and tradition…

Read more: IFNA.Robinson.Message from President

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New IFNA Video Productions Available on IFNA YouTube Channel

YouTubeVideos of IFNA members talking about their ideas for family nursing education, practice, and research are available on the IFNA YouTube Channel. They are a useful resource for IFNA members and offer a public identity for Family Nursing. … [read more]. IFNA members are invited to contribute a video production and help grow the content on the IFNA YouTube channel.

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