Nurses transforming health for families worldwide.


The mission of the International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) is to transform family health by:

  1. Serving as a unifying force and voice for family nursing globally;
  2. Sharing knowledge, practices, and skills to enhance and nurture family nursing practice; and,
  3. Providing family nursing leadership through education, research, scholarship, socialization and collegial exchange on all aspects of family nursing.

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12th International Family Nursing Conference: Denmark 2015

The Board of Directors of IFNA and the IFNA Conference Planning Committee invite you to join the excitement as we countdown towards the next international meeting of our family nursing community.  The 12th INTERNATIONAL FAMILY NURSING CONFERENCE will be held in Odense, Denmark, August 18-21, 2015.

 Interested in becoming a Country Liaison?

To enhance the worldwide participation of nurses for the 12th International Family Nursing Conference, the official meeting of the International Family Nursing Association, August 18th to 21st 2015, the Conference Planning Committee invites your participation as a country liaison. [Learn more]

Twitter iconTwitter hashtag: #IFNC12

Board of Directors / Nominating Committee Election Results

Once again the IFNA Nominating Committee put forth a slate of strong and diverse candidates.  A special thank you to Chair, Karen LeGrow and committee members Barbara Preusse-Bleuler, Akiko Araki, Carol Loveland-Cherry, and Myriam Mandetta.

Thank you to  the 184 IFNA members who voted.  See the Results

FREE Archived Webinar can now be accessed – Tweet, Post & Chat: Maximizing Your Conference (IFNC12) Experience through the Use of Social Media

This webinar was offered on March 18 by the IFNA Communications Committee and featured the use of social media to promote family nursing and maximize your IFNC12 conference experience. Learn how you, as an IFNA member,  can promote your family nursing work and ideas through platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Tips for using the Guidebook app at IFNC12 were also offered. Guidelines for use of social media during the conference were also discussed. This archived webinar can still be accessed for free: [Learn more]

Message from Dr. Catherine (Kit) Chesla, IFNA President

Kit CheslaAs the President of the International Family Nursing Association (IFNA), I’m happy to share my thoughts with you… Small and large voluntary efforts enable IFNA to address its mission of transforming health for families worldwide. As I look over the accomplishments of IFNA since it began in 2009 and at all of the International Family Nursing Conferences held since 1988, I am awestruck at the strength and generosity that resides within the ranks of family nurses. [IFNA.Chesla.Message from the President]

NEW IFNA Position Statements

International Family Nursing Association (IFNA)  Position Statement on Pre-Licensure Family Nursing Education developed by the IFNA Family Nursing Education Committee.

International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) Position Statement on Generalist Competencies for Family Nursing Practice developed by the IFNA Family Nursing Practice Committee.

 International Family Nursing Association Membership

Learn more about becoming a member of the International Family Nursing Association. IFNA needs YOU – YOU need IFNA. If you are currently an IFNA member, you are urgently invited to develop your own unique Online Community Profile. This will help make your work in family nursing more visible to other IFNA members and create opportunities to share your resources and gifts. See the “thermometer” on this page that will track the progress of this campaign to encourage every IFNA member to develop an Online Community Profile.

New IFNA Video Productions Available on IFNA YouTube Channel

YouTubeDr. Sharon Denham has produced 15 videos of IFNA members from 5 countries talking about their ideas for family nursing education, practice, and research. The videos are available on YouTube and were filmed during the 11th International Family Nursing Conference in Minneapolis in June 2013.  They are a useful resource for IFNA members and offer a public identity for Family Nursing. … [read more]

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