Full Name

Sonja J. Meiers

Degree and Credentials



Place of Employment

Winona State University

Employment Website

Population Focus

Family Nursing in Child and Adolescent Care, Family Nursing with Childbearing and Childrearing Families, Other

Topical Areas

Family Nursing Acute Illness, Family Nursing in Chronic Illness, Family Nursing in Critical Care, Family Nursing in End-of-life Care, Family Health Promotion /disease prevention, Knowledge Transfer/Translation in Family Nursing

Methods Expertise

Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed Methods, Participatory Action Research Methods, Instrument Development, translation, testing in diverse populations

Unit of Analysis

Family, Dyads

Additional Information

I am particularly interested in approaches to and measurement of quality nurse-family member interactions that support health. An emerging area of study for me is the combination of family-provider communication with behavior changes strategies such as behavioral interviewing in support of family health promotion