• Family Nursing Practice News

    Message from Dr. Jane Lassetter (USA), IFNA President (2017-2019)

    I had to hold back tears as I gazed at the IFNC13 welcome reception’s audience filled with family nurses who waved their flags as each of their 30 countries was represented. That tender moment was followed by three days of excellent keynote speeches, expert lectures, special sessions, breakout sessions, and opportunities for networking. For me, […]

    Dr. Jyu-Lin Chen Conducts Research on Childhood Obesity Prevention and Management

    Dr. Jyu-Lin Chen, PhD, RN, CNS, FAAN, is an associate professor, Department of Family Health Care Nursing, University of California, San Francisco, USA. Her research focuses on childhood obesity prevention and management. Dr. Chen’s program of research addresses this critical global health threat as it focuses on childhood obesity prevention and healthy lifestyle promotion in children […]

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  • Family Nursing Research News

    Keiko Agawa Advances Knowledge About Care of Japanese Mothers of Children with Medical Dependency

    Keiko Agawa, RN, MSN, is a lecturer in Home Care Nursing, School of Nursing, University of Shimane, Japan.  She is an editorial member of the Society of Cultural Nursing Studies, as well as a member of the Japan Academy of Home Care, and the Japanese Association for Research in Family Nursing.  Her research focuses on home-visiting […]

    Marie-Louise (Mio) Mollerberg Promotes Family Health in Families Living with Cancer

    Marie-Louise (Mio) Möllerberg, RN, MSc, is a full time doctoral student in family focused nursing care at Linnaeus University, Sweden. She is conducting research with families living with cancer and examining aspects of health and family sense of coherence in palliative care. Her study includes a population-based register study, family interviews, and exploration of the links between […]

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  • Family Nursing Education News

    IFNA Launches New Limited Membership Drive (June 1-October 30, 2017)

    The IFNA Membership Committee is delighted to announce the launch of a new membership recruitment effort, The Limited Membership Drive. This campaign is designed to increase new IFNA members and grow our international family nursing community. IFNA Member Rewards: The Limited Membership Drive is a means of increasing the membership of IFNA by awarding top recruiters for new […]

    IFNA Member Feedback Requested: Draft Graduate Family Nursing Education Position Statement

    The IFNA Education Committee is very pleased to announce the development of a new groundbreaking Graduate Family Nursing Education position statement which is now ready for IFNA member review and comment. This new IFNA Position Statement provides a vision for graduate family nursing education and was developed with the acknowledgement of the different institutional, governmental, […]

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