IFNA Award Nomination

Nomination Process for a 2017 IFNA Award – Deadline January 30, 2017

International Family Nursing Association Awards

Please begin your nomination by completing the nomination form.  This form includes your name and contact information; the name and contact information of the person you are nominating; the IFNA Award you are nominating him/her for; and the names and contact information of 3 sponsors. Want to learn more about the criteria for all of the 2017 IFNA Awards? [Read more]

A Complete 2017 IFNA Award Nomination consists of:

  1. Completed Nomination Form.
  2. 2-page description of the nominee’s achievements to transform family health and advance family nursing specific to the criteria for the IFNA Award selected for the nomination.
  3. Resume/CV of the nominee (only the first 4 pages will be considered).

Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf

UPLOAD your Complete IFNA Award Nomination electronically to here.

Deadline for 2017 IFNA Award Nomination January 30, 2017 (11:00 pm Eastern)

Additional Information about the Nomination Process for an IFNA Award

Nominator requirements

Only an IFNA member in good standing can submit a nomination, however nominations require supporters (see Sponsors section below). Two of the three supporters must be IFNA members; one of the three supporters can be a non-IFNA member.

Who are you nominating?

You must have the nominee’s permission before submitting a nomination. The nominee must be an IFNA member in good standing, except for the Distinguished Partner in Family Health Care Award. Each nominator and each IFNA Award recipient will be informed of the IFNA Award Committee’s decision by April 15, 2017.

Tell us about your nominee in 2 pages

Provide specific examples of how the nominee meets the criteria for the award. You may include details of contributions to IFNA committees, family nursing practice, research, and/or education, and other achievements to transform health of families and advance family nursing. Contributions must have occurred within the last five years for all categories (except for the Excellence in Family Nursing Award in which the individual’s contributions to family nursing may have extended across several years of their career). Only 2 pages will be forwarded to the IFNA Awards Committee for consideration.

Resume/CV (Maximum 4 pages)

Provide the nominee’s resume or CV specific to the criteria. Please note that only the first 4 pages will be forwarded to the Awards Selection Committee for consideration.


Each nomination requires the endorsement of three sponsors, who have agreed to endorse your nomination. Two of the three supporters must be IFNA members; one of the three supporters can be an non-IFNA member and non-nurse. If your nominee is chosen for an IFNA Award, sponsors of an honoree agree to assist the IFNA Awards Committee develop a biographical statement (500 words) and locate an electronic photo(s) of honoree to serve as a summary of the honorees’ contributions to family nursing for inclusion on the IFNA website and used by IFNA in offering the award at the International Family Nursing Conference. (The honorees might also be contacted to supply a photo of themselves and provide additional information as required.)

Deadline for 2017 IFNA Award Nomination is January 30, 2017 (11:00 pm Eastern)


If you need assistance, please contact the Chair of the IFNA Awards Committee, Dr. Normal Krumwiede or Debbie Zaparoni in the IFNA Office.

IFNA Awards Committee: Norma Krumwiede (USA) Chair; Janice M. Bell (Canada), Kit Chesla (USA) Maria do Céu Barbieri Figueiredo (Portugal), Marcheti Maria Angelica (Brazil), Nancy Moules (Canada); Naohiro Hohashi (Japan), IFNA BOD liaison.