Honor a Family Nurse Program

Haga clic aquí para la versión en español The Honor a Family Nurse Program is an initiative of IFNA’s Resource Advancement Committee. Through the Honor a Family Nurse program, IFNA members, schools of nursing, the general public, and health-related organizations have an opportunity to support IFNA through recognizing the accomplishments of others – both IFNA members and non-members. For schools of nursing and organizations, the program also is a way to showcase international support of family nursing and highlight the accomplishments of … [Read more...]

Dr. Suzanne Feetham Receives Honorary Degree from Wayne State University

Dr. Suzanne Feetham recently received an honorary degree from Wayne State University.  Dr. Feetham has provided foundational leadership in the development of family nursing and in the conceptual and methodological issues of research with families.  For Dr. Feetham, the honor is even more meaningful coming from Wayne State where she was mentored by Harriet Werley , Virginia Cleland, and others who were influential in her career as a nurse scientist.  A video from the 2016 Wayne State University convocation is available on the IFNA YouTube … [Read more...]

Caring for Refugee Families

International Family Nursing Association (IFNA) Response to the Global Refugee Crisis: Caring for Refugee Families Updated: February 23, 2017 The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimates there are 60 million individuals worldwide who are currently displaced, more than at any time since World War II (See the UNHCR website for more information). As family nurses, our attitudes about the global refugee crisis are inextricably connected to our beliefs about the central importance of the family, our ethics … [Read more...]

Dr. Janet Deatrick Studies Family Management of Chronically Ill Children and Young Adults

  Janet A. Deatrick, PhD, RN, FAAN, is a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Director for the Center for Health Equity Research, and Shearer Endowed Term Chair in Healthy Community Practices. She is an Associate Editor for Health Psychology, on the Editorial Board for Journal of Family Nursing, and is a permanent member of the NIH Nursing and Related Clinical Sciences Study Section. Dr. Deatrick studies family management of children who have chronic conditions and adolescent and young adults who survived … [Read more...]

Expert Lectures

Expert Lectures New to the 2015 conference will be the following expert lectures by prominent family scholars.  The Attraction of Hermeneutics for Advancing Family Nursing Research (Nancy Moules, University of Calgary, CANADA)  From Knowledge Creation to Knowledge Translation: Growing the Science of Family Systems Nursing  (Janice M. Bell, University of Calgary, CANADA)  Improving Family Health Globally through Research, Education, and Practice (Suzanne Feetham, Children’s National Health System, USA)  Integrating Genomics and Ethics … [Read more...]


Travel Preparations/Documents IFNA has membership in over 25 countries. Attendees are encouraged to verify required travel documents to/from their country of origin. Airport / Transportation Odense is well connected to both national and international railway and is therefore easily reached by train. The national railway is operated by the Danish Railway Company (DSB) and connects from all major towns to Odense. Attendees should plan their air travel to Copenhagen International Airport (Kastrup) and then take the train to Odense. The … [Read more...]

Family research funding available from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

The Patient Care Program within the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (based in California, USA) aims to eliminate preventable harms and unnecessary costs by meaningfully engaging patient and families in their own health care within a redesigned healthcare system.  The Program is working to advance broad adoption of patient and family engagement strategies and interventions.  Contact Susan Baade, MPH at susan.baade@moore.org for more information on funding opportunities.  … [Read more...]

IFNA Research Survey 2013: Findings – Part A and Part B

In the Fall of 2013, the IFNA Research Committee distributed a survey via e-mail to 400 persons on the IFNA membership list or on the IFNA listserv, asking them to complete a survey that would guide the IFNA website development and webinar offerings.  The survey was distributed twice, and 139 responded, yielding a 30% response rate.  We highlight selected findings here: IFNA Research Survey 2013. Findings-Part A IFNA Research Survey 2013. Findings-Part B … [Read more...]

Dr. Lorraine Wright and Dr. Janice Bell Offer Family Nursing Externship in Switzerland

Dr. Lorraine Wright and Dr. Janice M. Bell will be offering an Externship Workshop Advanced Family Nursing in Winterthur, Switzerland, June 24-27, 2014 sponsored by Zurich University of Applied Sciences. The focus of this workshop is on developing competence and confidence in advanced family nursing practice. Clinical exemplars and a live family interview will examine Family Systems Nursing interventions which address family health and healing. Register now for this 4-day dynamic learning experience. For more information, contact IFNA member … [Read more...]