Resource Advancement Committee

Purpose: Assume responsibility for identification and cultivation of diverse sources of funding for organizational initiatives. Leadership: Chair: Janet Deatrick – Co-Chair: OPEN Board Liaison: Kathy Knafl – 2016 Terms of Reference_Resource Advancement Update April 2016: One of the major purposes of the Resource Advancement Committee (RAC) is to continue to raise funds for the 13th International Family Nursing Conference (IFNC13) in Pamplona, Spain and we are seeking … [Read more...]

Research Committee

Purpose: Advance the conduct, dissemination, and use of family nursing research worldwide. Leadership: Chair: Helene Moriarty – Co-chair: Kim Mooney-Doyle – Board Liaison: Birte Ostergaard – 2016 Terms of Reference Research Sub-committees International Research Collaboration Chair - Sonja Meiers - Committee Measurements Chair - Marcia Van Riper - Newsletter Chair - … [Read more...]

Practice Committee

Purpose: Identify and disseminate the best practice knowledge and family nursing models used internationally; move family nursing forward by building capacity in nurses for their practice with families. Leadership: Co-Chair: Kathryn Anderson Co-Chair: Maria do Céu Barbieri Figueiredo Board Liaison: Carole Robinson Current Members: Kathryn Anderson, USA; Maria do Céu Barbieri Figueiredo, Portugal; Janice M. Bell, Canada; Li-Chi Chiang, … [Read more...]

Nominating Committee

Purpose:  Identify nominees, present a ballot, and oversee the election of IFNA officers and BOD. Leadership: Chair: Marion Mitchell, Australia - Co-Chair: Jyu-Lin Chen, USA - Board Liaison: Jane Lassetter - 2016 Terms of Reference_Nominating Committee Members Kristen Abbott-Anderson, USA - Kiyoko Kamibeppu, Japan - Lisa Whitehead, Australia - … [Read more...]

Membership Committee

Purpose: Develop strategies to recruit and retain members worldwide. Leadership: Co-Chair: Jyu-Lin Chen - Co-Chair: Cheryl Corbett - Board Liaisons: Wendy Looman - and Cristina Garcia-Vivar - 2016 Terms of Reference_Membership Click here for information on Membership … [Read more...]

Education Committee

Purpose: Identify and disseminate the best educational practices for family nursing worldwide. Leadership: Co-Chair: Lorraine Holtslander –  Co-Chair: Jill Bally – Board Liaison: Sandra Eggenberger - 2016 Terms of Reference_Education Sub-Committees Webinars and Online Offerings: Co-Chairs: Donna Huddleston dhuddleston@delmar.eduand Mariana Cunha Communications and Organization: … [Read more...]

Conference Committee

Purpose: Assume responsibility for conference planning. IFNC14 (2019) Co-chair : June Horowitz - Co-chair: Sonja Meiers - IFNA Board Liaisons: June and Sonja both serve on the IFNA Board. 2016 Terms of Reference_Conference Click here for conference information. … [Read more...]

Communications Committee

Purpose: The IFNA Communications Committee is committed to ensure that IFNA is the strongest and most credible voice of FAMILY NURSING in the world. The Committee assumes responsibility for development of the infrastructure and use of the IFNA website, newsletter, and social media channels that assures effective communication among members, timely dissemination of information, and the advancement of family nursing knowledge and the IFNA mission. List of current IFNA communication/social media channels: IFNA … [Read more...]

Bylaws Committee

Purpose:  Assume responsibility for the review, call for proposed amendments and resolutions of the associations bylaws. Leadership: Chair: Roberta Rehm – Co-Chair: OPEN Board Liaison: Carole Robinson – … [Read more...]

Awards Committee

Purpose: Assume responsibility for the nomination and selection of IFNA members and non-IFNA partners for biennial awards that recognize those who have contributed to transforming family health and advancing family nursing. Leadership: Chair: Norma Krumwiede - Co-Chair: Barbara Preusse-Bleuler - Board Liaison: Naohiro Hohashi – IFNA Awards Committee (2016-2017): Norma Krumwiede (USA) Chair; Janice M. Bell (Canada), Kit Chesla (USA) … [Read more...]