2017 Officers, Directors and Nominating Committee Elections are underway.

Deadline for Voting is Friday, April 28, 2017

Ballots were distributed via Survey Monkey to eligible IFNA Members.  If you are eligible and did not receive the ballot, please contact Jessica Sikes at jessica@internationalfamilynursing.org.

Click on the links below to see the candidate information for each position.

President Elect (1) (6 year commitment, 2 years/President-Elect, 2 years/President, and 2 years/Past President)

Treasurer (1) (2 year term)

Directors (3) (2 year term)

Nominating Committee (2) (2 year term)

Thank you Nominating Committee for your work,

Marion Mitchell (Co-Chair) – marion.mitchell@griffith.edu.au
Kiyoko Kamibeppu – kikamibeppu@gmail.com
Lisa Whitehead – l.whitehead@ecu.edu.au
Jyu-Lin Chen – jyu-lin.chen@ucsf.edu
Sandra Eggenberger (BOD Liaison) – sandra.eggenberger@mnsu.edu

Overview of Responsibilities

Officers and Directors constitute the Board of Directors and are the governing body of the organization. This is a working Board that manages the business and affairs of IFNA.  All members serve in good faith, uphold the highest professional, ethical, and legal standards, and fulfill the obligations of their positions.  Click here for the IFNA bylaws.

The IFNA Board meets monthly via conference call. The duration of each conference call is 90 minutes. Attendance and active participation is required of all Officers and Directors. Those not able to attend at least 50% of all BOD meetings per year may be replaced.  Occasionally, there are ad hoc meetings of the Board arranged as necessary.

Officers and Directors serve as liaisons to the IFNA standing committees and provide updates on committee activities during the board meetings.

The daily business of IFNA is handled via email.

Newly elected board members will assume office at the IFNA Business Meeting Saturday, June 17th, in Pamplona, Spain.