Keiko Agawa Advances Knowledge About Care of Japanese Mothers of Children with Medical Dependency

Keiko Agawa, RN, MSN, is a lecturer in Home Care Nursing, School of Nursing, University of Shimane, Japan.  She is an editorial member of the Society of Cultural Nursing Studies, as well as a member of the Japan Academy of Home Care, and the Japanese Association for Research in Family Nursing.  Her research focuses on home-visiting nursing in the support of mothers of children with high medical dependency. She is now assisting with establishing a communication network among these mothers, considering the specific interests of mothers in order to lessen a mother’s mental/child-rearing stress and reduce causes of child abuse.  At the 12th International Family Nursing Conference in 2015 in Odense, Denmark, Ms. Agawa developed a poster presentation on “Beliefs of home visiting nurses who care for mothers of children with high medical dependency”.

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