Dr. Tracey Redwood Studies Family Interventions for Vulnerable First Time Parents

Tracey Redwood, PhD, PCRDS, PCHPE, RGN, RSCN, is a Senior Lecturer – Childrens Nursing, Department of Nursing, University of Northampton, United Kingdom. She has extensive clinical and academic experience in both Australia and the United Kingdom. She is  currently engaged in the Early Start in Early Years: Charnwood Evaluation with colleagues (Callaghan and Alexander). The Charnwood program is an outreach service for vulnerable first time parents with a focus on parental well-being to assist the family. It is delivered by health visitors, early childhood practitioners and family nursing support staff in Central England, United Kingdom. The programme is transformative in that it addresses family health issues by enabling support to centre on the lives of those children born at a disadvantage through education of their parents.

A mixed methodology has been employed. The qualitative component of the research involved recorded individual semi-structured telephone interviews, analysed thematically to reveal patterns of response in participants’ experience of the intervention and its impact. The quantitative component reviewed outcome measures analysed statistically, using SPSS to explore the impact of the Early Start Programme. Descriptive statistics will be used to describe service elements while demographic and descriptive information on age, ethnicity, referral source, number of sessions attended enabled a description of the service. This research with provide an understanding of the outcomes of the intervention for families. It will enable an exploration of the intervention at a service delivery level and an overview of the impact of the program.

Tracey Redwood currently serves as a member of the IFNA Research Committee. For more information, contact IFNA member Tracey Redwood.