Dr. Anna Olafia Sigurdardottir Advances Family Nursing Intervention in Iceland

Anna Ólafía Sigurðardóttir, RN, PhD, is a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) at Landspitali – The National University Hospital in Iceland (LUH) and Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Iceland and LUH. She served as the chairperson of the committee in charge of implementing Family Systems Nursing at all clinical units at LUH from 2007–2011 in collaboration with Dr. Erla Kolbrun Svavarsdottir and other members of the implementation team for the Landspitali University Hospital Family Nursing Implementation Project (2007–2011). She defended her doctoral thesis, “Family Systems Nursing Interventions in Pediatric Settings” in April 2016.

In her role as Chair of Pediatric Nursing at LUH, Dr. Sigurdardottir works with nurse managers, clinical nurse specialists (advanced practice nurses), and graduate nurses at the children’s division to  develop pediatric services with a focus on continuing education, family nursing, and research in pediatric settings. She has collaborated with Icelandic researchers in several intervention research projects which included families of children and adolescents with a variety of chronic illnesses/heath issues, and continuing nursing education and job satisfaction among the nurses and midwives in hospital settings and in community health. Master’s and doctoral students from both University of Iceland and University of Akureyri have also been involved in these research projects.  For more information, contact IFNA member Anna Olafia Sigurdardottir.  

Google scholar profile: https://scholar.google.is/citations?user=x3Wq4e0AAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao

Twitter: https://twitter.com/annaosig