Honor a family nurse

The following is a IFNA member post from Janet Deatrick, Chair of the IFNA Resource Advancement Committee.

While nurse’s lives are oriented toward giving, they are not necessarily oriented toward giving their own money to philanthropic efforts. Because nurses are often providers for their families, and have many responsibilities to others, philanthropic giving is often set aside for older age or viewed as requiring an income level exceeding that of most nurses.  The Resource Advancement Committee recognizes that making monetary donations to an association may be a new, even strange, idea for some members, and we are committed to helping our members understand the importance of giving both to the association and family nursing.

As an organization IFNA wants to provide ways that everyone can participate in philanthropic giving so we can generate funds to better support the research, practice, and education efforts of our members.  The Resource Advancement Committee (RAC) is comprised of members from across the globe – our purpose is to raise money for the association. To date fund raising has focused on seeking conference sponsorship, with funds supporting both the conference and the day-to-day operations of the association. It is through our conferences and fund raising that we generate the funds we need to sustain IFNA as an association. We could not exist on membership fees alone. The RAC also is working to increase the visibility of IFNA and family nursing both internally and externally.  Our current campaign, Honor a Family Nurse, is very important not only within IFNA to show our support for each other but also globally to show our support of family nurses.  Please consider donating to make our message clear to all of our constituencies.

We have secured funding from diverse external sources for the conference. Now it is time to look to each other to give.  Honor a Family Nurse is designed for us to provide support for the association by recognizing the accomplishments of others. Honorees will be recognized at the conference and on the IFNA website. The Honor a Family Nurse program is a means of praising those among us (both IFNA members and non-members) whose accomplishments deserve to be recognized.  For a more detailed description of the program, a link to donate, and examples of the kinds of accomplishment participants might like to recognize, click here.

Each submission is $100 (US dollars). To be listed in the final conference program as well as on the IFNA website, submissions must be received by May 1, 2017. After May 1, all honoree submissions received through the final day of the conference will be recognized on the IFNA website but not in the conference program.

Many thanks for considering this and the impact it will make on a person, organization, and families.

Janet Deatrick, PhD, RN, FAAN, is Chair of the IFNA Resource Advancement Committee and Professor Emerita of Nursing at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. You can follow her on Twitter @JanetDeatrick.