Family Nursing in Sweden

Dr. Britt-Inger Saveman (Sweden) at Umea University and Dr. Eva Benzein (Sweden) at Linnaeus University have shared an exciting and determined vision for implementing family nursing in Sweden since 2000 [Read more]. Beginning with a dedicated Family Focused Practice Unit that provided space and equipment to videotape nurse researchers’ conversations with families experiencing illness, they developed the Family Health Conversations (FamHC) intervention by culturally adapting existing Family Systems Nursing practice models. They coedited a textbook, co-authored numerous research publications with their colleagues about the use of Family Health Conversations across various populations of families, and developed an instrument: “Families Involvement in Nursing Care – Nurses’ Attitudes” (FINC-NA) that has been translated into more than ten languages and used in numerous research projects around the world.  They also initiated and hosted the First Nordic Conference in Family Focused Nursing in 2002 followed by 2006 and 2010; the Fourth Nordic Conference in Family Focused Nursing was held in 2014 in Odense, Denmark.

There are currently 7 IFNA members from Sweden.

For more information, contact IFNA member Eva Benzein.

This News Post was featured in the September 2016 issue of IFNA Global Connections.