Family Nursing in Spain

Nursing education in Spain includes a 4-year bachelor degree, in which the care of families has been integrated in the nursing curriculum, as well as masters and doctoral education. In 2010, an option began of pursuing 2-year postgraduate education to become a specialist in one of the seven nationally-certified specialties, including specialist in family and community nursing. Family Systems Nursing began in Spain at the University of Navarra. In 2009, Dr. Lorraine Wright (Canada) introduced the Calgary Family Assessment and Intervention Models to a committed Spanish audience of practitioners, managers, and educators who decided to implement family nursing in education, practice, and research.  Since then, many initiatives in family nursing have been implemented, including seminars for practitioners, training for undergraduate and postgraduate students, doctoral theses, and research projects. The 13th International Family Nursing Conference in June 2017 in Pamplona will be an opportunity to improve visibility of family nursing in Spain and advance the care of families globally. There are currently 3 IFNA members from Spain (update: January 2017).

For more information about Family Nursing in Spain, contact IFNA member Dr. Cristina Garcia-Vivar.

This News Post was featured in the IFNA January 2017 Newsletter.