Dr. Ami Bylund Conducts Family Nursing Research in Sweden

Ami Bylund, RN, PhD, works as a research nurse at the Department of Surgery, Ersta Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden and is a member of the Family Focused Care Research Group at Linnaeus University, Sweden. She defended her doctoral thesis, “Wait For Us To Catch Up” in January 2017 which explored aspects of family functioning following gastric bypass surgery including families’ main concerns after gastric bypass surgery as well as the associations between family functioning and health related quality of life. Dr. Bylund is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Scandinavian Obesity Registry (SOReg). Her future research will focus on follow-up interviews with families who have experienced gastric bypass surgery. She will also continue to examine the usefulness of a family intervention known as Family Health Conversations (FamHC) with families experiencing chronic illness.  For more information, contact IFNA member Ami Bylund.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ami_bylund