IFNA Member Feedback Requested for Draft: IFNA Position Statement on APC-FN

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The IFNA Practice Committee is very pleased to announce the development of a new groundbreaking IFNA Position Statement on Advanced Practice Competencies for Family Nursing (APC-FN) which is now ready for IFNA member review and comment. This new IFNA Position Statement (APC-FN) outlines the competencies for advanced practice family nurses to guide the care of families in all settings and provides a focus for nursing education, theory, and research related to advanced practice family nursing.  The APC-FN builds on the IFNA Position Statement on Generalist Competencies for Family Nursing Practice released in 2015.

Process for Review:

January 18, 2017: IFNA Position Statement on APC-FN approved by IFNA Practice Committee

February 9, 2017: IFNA Position Statement on APC-FN approved by IFNA Board of Directors for IFNA member review

Deadline for feedback from IFNA members: March 27, 2017

Please provide your feedback in written form on the APC-FN document itself using the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word to submit your edits and comments. Send your edits and comments to Dr. Kathy Anderson, Co-Chair of the IFNA Practice Committee by March 27, 2017.  The revised document will be submitted to the IFNA Board of Directors for final approval, prior to dissemination of the final document. Thank you for your specific edits and comments.

Feedback from across our international community of IFNA members is urgently needed to ensure this document about APC-FN is culturally appropriate and extends nursing knowledge about advanced practice with families.