Wilma Schroeder Promotes Family Nursing in Undergraduate Nursing Education

wilma-headshotWilma Schroeder, BN MMFT, has been course leader for the Family Nursing course at Red River College, Winnipeg, Canada since 2001.  Her focus has been to encourage student nurses to “think family” and use strengths-based, systems, and relational approaches to understand and alleviate the impact of illness on families. Wilma has a particular interest in mental health, and in communication. Currently she is collaborating with Dr. Michelle Lobchuk (University of Manitoba) on research which examines a caregiver communication intervention. Wilma serves as co-chair of the IFNA Communications Committee and is a member of the IFNA Education Committee.  Wilma will be retiring from Red River College in 2017 and plans to remain active in IFNA. For more information contact IFNA member Wilma Schroeder: wilmasch@me.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wschroederMMFT

Website: https://wilmaschroeder.com

Links to family nursing education resources developed by Wilma:

Family Nursing Lab Manual, Red River College (undergraduate level)

YouTube video: How to Draw Genograms

YouTube video: How to Draw Ecomaps

IFNA YouTube video:  Family Nursing Education: Wilma Schroeder, Part 1 (teaching circular questions)

IFNA YouTube video: Family Nursing Education: Wilma Schroeder, Part 2 (using family stories; families as faculty in teaching health care professionals)