Pamplona / Things to Know

Pamplona, our City

Welcome to Pamplona, the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Navarre. Surrounded by mountains, the city offers visitors a beautiful setting to hold all kind of conferences, conventions and incentives.

Pamplona is a destination that combines tradition with modernity.

Internationally known for its festival, the Sanfermines, Pamplona offers visitors an accessible city equipped with all the necessary services.

The city offers the perfect setting, with spacious gardens and parks and wonderful corners to wander around. Delegates can stroll in the parks and squares of the Historic Quarter and savour every delightful corner.

Shopping in Pamplona is a unique experience, as is enjoying a coffee at one of its terraces. There is no doubt that one of the greatest pleasures is eating a traditional pincho accompanied by a glass of excellent Navarran wine.

Its 200,000 inhabitants enjoy a high standard of living and excellent health, social and cultural services.

In terms of culture, the city offers a wide range of options with a varied and attractive programs that includes concerts, opera, ballet, theater and shows.

The human factor, together with its monumental, cultural and scenic wealth, have made the city a welcoming place that pleasantly surprises visitors.

Get a quick look of the city and the surrounding area by watching the videos below.

Things to Know

What number should I call in the case of an emergency?
The freephone number 112.

What is the weather like in Navarre?
Navarre presents a varied climate depending on the zone in which we are. During June the temperature can range between the 18 and 22 ºC during the day, with descent of temperature in the nights. Sometimes we have dispersed rains.

What currency is used?

How do I call to and from Navarre?
If you are calling Navarre from another country, dial the country code of the country of origin then 34 (Spain), then the telephone number in Navarre (9 figures).  If you are calling another country from Navarre, dial 00 (Spanish exit code), then the code of the country you are calling followed by the telephone number.

What is the Electric System in Pamplona?
On 220 volts AC – 50 HZ and electrical sockets use the European system of two round prongs.