Conference Registration

Conference Registration

Conference registration is now OPEN. Click here to register for the conference.

Click here for the preliminary conference program.

In your planning, please take into consideration, there is a significantly reduced fee for IFNA members AND for registering early for the conference.  Please plan accordingly to take advantage of the least expensive registration fee as possible.

All Conference Registration fees will be collected in US Funds. The EUR prices EUR will depend on the exchange rate published by the European Central Bank on the date of the invoice.

The currency in Pamplona is the EURO. As of 9/30/16 the rate for USD to EURO is 0.8913 and 1.1220 from EURO to USD (Rate Subjected to Change). Further below are a few examples of conversion rates for various countries.

Spain has a 21% VAT that must be collected from registrants.  The invoice for your participation shall be issued by

1 Rond-point de l’Europe
French VAT Number : FR75523095614
Spanish VAT Number: N0016953B

Type *Registration **VAT TOTAL
Early Registration (IFNA Member)
Early registration ends April 19, 2017.
$500.00 USD $105.00 USD $605.00 USD
Registration (IFNA Member)
After April 19, 2017
 $600.00 USD $126.00 USD $726.00 USD
Early Registration (Non-Member)
Early registration ends April 19, 2017
 $600.00 USD  $126.00 USD  $726.00 USD
Registration (Non-Member)
After April 19, 2017
 $700.00 USD  $147.00 USD  $847.00 USD
Student Registration (Full-time Students)
$350.00 USD $73.50 USD $423.50 USD
Pre-conference Workshop (1)
$80.00 USD $16.80 USD $96.80 USD
Pre-conference Workshop (2)
$140.00 USD $29.40 USD $169.40 USD
Conference Banquet Dinner
$75.00 USD $15.75 USD $90.75 USD
Pre-Conference Day ONLY
$200.00 USD $42.00 USD $242.00 USD
One Day Rate (Thursday or Friday)
$250.00 USD $52.50 USD $302.50 USD
One Date Rate (Saturday)
$200.00 USD $42.00 USD $181.50
*Registration includes the Welcome reception, 2 conference lunches and 5 breaks throughout the conference.
**The VAT is a sales tax that applies to the purchase of most goods and services, and must be collected from each attendee and submitted by IFNA to the Spanish Government. Reverse charge may be applicable for Spanish businesses with a valid VAT number.


 Currency Conversion Rates as of 9/30/16

This is a sample of currency conversion rates, you can also use this link to find your country’s rate or to get the most current rates.

Euro 1.00 Euro inv. 1.00 Euro
US Dollar 0.8913 1.122
Canadian Dollar 0.6777 1.4757
British Pound 1.1554 0.8655
Australian Dollar
0.6799 1.4708
Taiwan Dollar
0.0284 35.2048
Japanese Yen
0.0088 113.5409
Danish Krone 0.1342 7.4522
Brazilian Real
0.2735 3.6568
Swiss Franc
0.9226 1.0839
Thai Baht
0.0257 38.8679