IFNA Research Committee/International Research Collaboration Subcommittee Presents Survey Results at IFNC12

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 1.09.03 PMThe International Research Collaboration Subcommittee of the IFNA Research Committee collaborated to survey the membership of the IFNA Research Committee regarding worldwide perspectives of family nursing in 2015. Preliminary results were reported at the 12th International Family Nursing Conference (IFNC12) in Odense, Denmark in August 2015: Strengthening Families Worldwide (IFNC12 report).

Families in 4 countries (Australia, Denmark, Japan, United States) were interviewed about “What is family?” and “What do families do together?” and this video, in varying lengths ranging from 3.37 minutes to 16.45 minutes, is now available on the IFNA YouTube channel. (Special thanks to Dr. Sonja Meiers and Dr. Cynthia Danford.)

The Subcommittee continues to analyze survey results and will share updates as results are interpreted.