Resource Advancement Committee


Assume responsibility for identification and cultivation of diverse sources of funding for organizational initiatives.


Chair: Janet Deatrick –
Co-Chair: OPEN
Board Liaison: Kathy Knafl –

2016 Terms of Reference_Resource Advancement

Update April 2016: One of the major purposes of the Resource Advancement Committee (RAC) is to continue to raise funds for the 13th International Family Nursing Conference (IFNC13) in Pamplona, Spain and we are seeking IFNA members’ ideas about creative ways to enhance sponsorship for IFNC13. Successful fundraising has always been key to the success of these conferences which began in 1988. IFNA first assumed the responsibility for organizing this conference in 2013.

One of the ways that RAC aims to ensure the success of IFNC13 is to foster a “culture of giving” throughout the organization. By “culture of giving” we refer to our members’ commitment to enhancing the resources of the organization to further family nursing.  In addition to members’ important contributions to the mission of the organization through their work on committees and as country liaisons for conference planning, there are other important ways to contribute to the financial success of the conference. For example, co-chairs for all IFNA conferences self-funded planning trips to the conference site; members generously donated items and purchased silent auction tickets at IFNC12 in Denmark in 2015, raising $3,276; and members gave to the “honor a family nurse” initiative at IFNC12, raising $1,800. We hope to continue  the auction and “honor a family nurse” initiatives at IFNC13 and welcome members’ ideas about expanding these fund raising efforts and launching new initiatives.

Update March 2017:  Honor a Family Nurse Program: IFNA fundraising initiative