Create a Video of Your Innovative Ideas about Family Nursing

Dr. Carole Robinson, IFNA video, Innovation in Family Nursing Education

Dr. Carole Robinson, IFNA video, Innovation in Family Nursing Education

The IFNA Communications Committee would like to invite you to participate in creating videos showcasing your family nursing knowledge and innovation, to be posted on the IFNA YouTube channel. This is a wonderful opportunity to make your work more visible to our global family nursing community.

You may recall the excellent videos filmed in 2013 by Sharon Denham at the 11th International Family Nursing Conference of IFNA members talking about their work. These are available for viewing on the IFNA website and linked to the IFNA YouTube channel. We appreciate Sharon’s pioneering of this initiative and are inspired to follow her lead and expand this collection.
Our vision is to produce our own IFNA video library of family nursing innovation. To this end, we invite you to create a short video to be published online by IFNA. Perhaps you would like to summarize key points of a presentation that you gave at IFNC12? Or share exciting teaching strategies you have developed, or a highlight of your family nursing practice? We would love to hear what you are doing!

Guidelines are now available for Creating a video for IFNA YouTube channel. These include guidance as to the purpose, target audience, desired types of content, length, format and how to send the video to us.

Wilma Schroeder, co-chair of the IFNA Communications Committee will be receiving and posting the videos. If you are interested in showcasing your work in a video production that will be archived on the IFNA YouTube channel, contact IFNA member Wilma Schroeder.

For more information, contact IFNA member Wilma Schroeder.