McGill Model of Nursing

Developed at McGill University by Moyra Allen, RN, PhD and Mona Kravitz, RN, PhD, this practice model was first called Situation-Responsive Nursing or Complemental Nursing.  Dr. Moyra Allen and colleagues offered refinements which were described as the Developmental Model of Health and Nursing.  Dr. Laurie Gottlieb and faculty and students at McGill University offered refinements which were named the McGill Model of Nursing which emphasizes collaborative partnership and a strengths perspective. For more information see the following publications:

  • Gottlieb, L.N., & Rowat, K. (1987). The McGill Model of Nursing: A practice derived model. Advances in Nursing Science, 9(4), 51-61. PMID: 3111351
  • Gottlieb, L.N., & Gottlieb, B. (2007).  The Developmental/Health Framework within the McGill Model of Nursing: “Laws of nature” guiding whole person care.  Advances in Nursing Science, 30(1), E43-E57. PMID: 17299275

Website: McGill Nursing Model