Illness Beliefs Model

Developed by Lorraine M. Wright, RN, PhD and Janice M. Bell, RN, PhD and described in  Beliefs and Illness:  A Model for Healing” (2009). This is an advanced practice model with a focus on illness beliefs of patients, families, and health care providers that uses a Family Systems Nursing theoretical orientation. A Kindle version of the book is also available and a Japanese translation was published in 2011. WebsiteIllness Beliefs Model

Beliefs book coverFor a free download of the Table of Contents and Chapter 1 of the book, click here

Japanese translation (2011) by N. Kobayashi & K. Matsumoto.  Japanese title: “Yamai no Kunou wo Yawarageru Kazoku Sisutemu Kango”. Website for Japanese translation:  Nihon Kangokyoukai Publisher’s Inc.

An earlier version of this book was developed by Lorraine M. Wright, RN, PhD, Wendy L. Watson, RN, PhD, and Janice M. Bell, RN, PhD and called:  Beliefs: The Heart of Healing in Families and Illness (1996).  It was translated into French, Japanese, and Swedish.

Recent publications:

Bell, J. M., & Wright, L. M. (2011).  The Illness Beliefs Model: Creating practice knowledge for families experiencing illness suffering.  In E.K. Svarvarsdottir & H. Jonsdottir (Eds.), Family nursing in action (pp. 15-51). Reykjavik, Iceland: University of Iceland Press.

Bell, J. M. (2015). Growing the science of Family Systems Nursing: Family health intervention research focused on illness suffering and family healing [L’avancement de la recherché sur l’intervention infirmiere systémique en santé familiale: bilan]. In F. Duhamel (Ed.), La santé et la famille: Une approche systémique en soins infirmiers [Families and health: A systemic approach in nursing care] (3rd ed., 102-125.) Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Gaëtan Morin editeur, Chenelière Éducation. [In French]

A Special Issue about the Illness Beliefs Model was published in the May 2015 issue of the Journal of Family Nursing.

Bell, J. M., & Wright, L. M. (2015). The Illness Beliefs Model: Advancing practice knowledge about illness beliefs, family healing, and family interventions [Editorial]. Journal of Family Nursing, 21(2), 179-185. doi:10.1177/1074840715586889

Wright, L. M. (2015).  Brain science and illness beliefs: An unexpected explanation of the healing power of therapeutic conversations and the family interventions that matter. Journal of Family Nursing, 21(2), 186-205. doi:10.1177/1074840715575822 (Free access to Dr. Lorraine Wright’s article in the Special Issue is available for a limited time)

WebsiteIllness Beliefs Model