Family Nursing Lab Manual, Red River College (undergraduate level)

NOTE: The IFNA Communication and Education Committees have been longing to invite IFNA family nursing educators to share their family nursing course syllabi through the IFNA website.  However, course materials are generally protected by institutional copyright.  In an unprecedented exception, Red River College in Canada has offered approval for Course Leader, Wilma Schroeder to offer her Family Nursing Lab Manual to IFNA members.

Wilma Schroeder, MMFT, BN, RN, Course Leader – Family Nursing, Red River College, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, has received approval from Red River College to post the Family Nursing Lab Manual  she developed:  http://blogs.rrc.Family Nursing Lab Manualca/healthsciences/programs/nursing/family-nursing/labs/.  The “family nursing labs” are an important element of the undergraduate family nursing course that Wilma teaches. In addition to online tutorials and a face-to-face classes, more than half of the course is “family nursing labs” where both family nursing theory and family nursing application/skill development is emphasized. For more information, contact IFNA member Wilma Schroeder:

Other family nursing education resources developed by Wilma Schroeder include:

YouTube video: How to Draw Genograms

YouTube video: How to Draw Ecomaps

IFNA YouTube video:  Family Nursing Education: Wilma Schroeder, Part 1 (teaching circular questions)

IFNA YouTube video: Family Nursing Education: Wilma Schroeder, Part 2 (using family stories; families as faculty in teaching health care professionals)