Dynamic Model of Family Assessment and Intervention (MDAIF)

Developed by Maria Henriqueta Figueiredo, RN, PhD, and described in “Modelo Dinâmico de Avaliação e Intervenção Familiar: Uma abordagem colaborativa emEnfermagem de Família” (2012) [in Portuguese].  The Dynamic Model of Family Assessment and Intervention (MDAIF) was co-developed and validated through research conducted in the Portuguese primary health care context.  In 2011, the Portuguese Nursing Profession Regulator decided to adopt MDAIF as the theoretical framework for Family Health Nursing for use by Portuguese nurses who care for families. The model is based on the theoretical assumptions of the Calgary Family Assessment Model (Wright & Leahey, 2009; 2013). The MDAIF defines the concepts of Family Health, Family Environment, and Family Nursing. A multidimensional matrix includes Structure (household income; residential building; safety precaution; water supply; pets); Development (marital satisfaction; family planning; adaptation to pregnancy; parental role); and Functioning of the family system ( caregiver role; family process).

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